{SPAM} Re: Server Specifications?

Jim Levie jim at ENTROPHY-FREE.NET
Mon Oct 21 16:04:57 IST 2002

On Mon, 2002-10-21 at 09:19, Jason Cormie wrote:
> Hello,
>         We are looking at putting in place a server running Mailscanner &
> SpamAssassin, and I was wondering what kind of spec machine we would
> require...
> Looking at the mail logs of our exchange server, last week we had:
> 11296 messages outgoing (352MB), 95574 messages incoming (900MB)
> Can anyone with a similar amount of mail tell me what they are running?
I've got on MailScanner instance operating as an SMTP relay that handles
about twice the volume you have. It's a RedHat 7.3 system running on an
an 800Mhz PIII with 1Gb RAM  and two U160 SCSI disks in software RAID 1.
At the moment it is still running the V3 MailScanner in a home-grown
multi-process mode (4 instances) and has never had a problem in keeping
up with the mail load. If you were to set up a similar or faster system
and use the V4 MailScanner I wouldn't think you'd have any problems.
The instructions said to use Windows 98 or better, so I installed RedHat
   Jim Levie                                 email:
jim at entrophy-free.net

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