V4 Oddity in ruleset

Mike Kercher mike at CAMAROSS.NET
Fri Oct 11 14:15:16 IST 2002

That makes sense.

Thus far, I am using 2 rulesets...one for different postmasters for the
email domains I host, and the other for converting HTML to text.  If
anyone wants a look, I'll make them available.  I don't want to post
them to the list so all of the email addresses get added to spam lists


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The ruleset for this option to evaluate to "yes" if *any* of the rules
applied evaluate to "yes". So in your first case you got what I would
expect. In the second case, the message to kris at domain2.org should have
got the text version, as it is not possible for MailScanner to have
split the message into 2 separate messages before converting it to text.
All the recipients that get a message will always get the *same*
message. So check the route the message took from kris at domain1.org to
kris at domain2.org.

Have many other people started experimenting with rulesets yet? If you
discover something neat or clever that you can achieve using a ruleset,
that you think other people might like to be able to do, please let me
know so that I can add it to the examples included in the docs.

At 14:02 11/10/2002, you wrote:
>I have a ruleset for converting HTML to text.  Part of it is below...
>The problem is if kris at domain1.org send an HTML email to
>himself at domain1.org AND mike at domain1.org (cc), both recipients get a
>convert to text email.  If kris at domain1.org sends an HTML email to
>kris at domain2.org AND mike at domain1.org, Kris gets the HTML version and
>Mike gets the text version.  Did I miss something?
>FromTo:         default                 no
>FromTo:         kris@*                  no #added just as a test
>FromTo:         mike at domain1.org        yes

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