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Fri Nov 15 09:12:45 GMT 2002

At 20:28 14/11/2002, you wrote:
>What's the proper way to restart everything after making a config change
>to any of the conf files with MailScanner? For example,
>MailScanner.conf, spam.mailassassin.prefs.conf, etc.
>I've tried the following:
>service sendmail off
>chkconfig sendmail off
>chkconfig MailScanner on
>service MailScanner start

That's installation-time stuff.

You just want
         service MailScanner reload

>Also, I have the Delivery Method set to queue instead of batch, since
>this will be running in high volume eventually.

I still use batch even with a high volume. As MailScanner V4 runs lots of 
processes in parallel, you don't really need "queue" much any more. I do my 
speed tests with "batch" and my development PC (about the equivalent of a 
modern £700 (or $1000 US) pc) can do over 250,000 messages per day.

>  The MTA is Sendmail and
>the messages seem to sit in the outgoing queue for a while. I haven't
>figured out how long they sit there yet, but how does the MTA choose how
>long to wait before sending them? If I flush them (using Webmin) they
>are sent right away. I assume this is a Sendmail issue, but since I'm
>not sure I thought I'd ask here.

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