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James Pifer mailscannerlist at TNJINFL.COM
Fri Nov 15 19:09:22 GMT 2002


I did the service MailScanner reload and it responded ok, yet it's still
marking all emails from as Spam. I did a text search of
every file under /etc/MailScanner and there is no reference to Unless it stored somewhere else. 

Any idea how to get this thing to refresh and not have that domain
blacklisted any more?


On Fri, 2002-11-15 at 04:12, Julian Field wrote:
> At 20:28 14/11/2002, you wrote:
> >What's the proper way to restart everything after making a config change
> >to any of the conf files with MailScanner? For example,
> >MailScanner.conf, spam.mailassassin.prefs.conf, etc.
> >
> >I've tried the following:
> >service sendmail off
> >chkconfig sendmail off
> >chkconfig MailScanner on
> >service MailScanner start
> That's installation-time stuff.
> You just want
>          service MailScanner reload
> >Also, I have the Delivery Method set to queue instead of batch, since
> >this will be running in high volume eventually.
> I still use batch even with a high volume. As MailScanner V4 runs lots of 
> processes in parallel, you don't really need "queue" much any more. I do my 
> speed tests with "batch" and my development PC (about the equivalent of a 
> modern £700 (or $1000 US) pc) can do over 250,000 messages per day.
> >  The MTA is Sendmail and
> >the messages seem to sit in the outgoing queue for a while. I haven't
> >figured out how long they sit there yet, but how does the MTA choose how
> >long to wait before sending them? If I flush them (using Webmin) they
> >are sent right away. I assume this is a Sendmail issue, but since I'm
> >not sure I thought I'd ask here.
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