spam action to deliver messages pre-scanned

Roland Ehle novirus at CARLO65.DE
Fri Nov 15 09:03:13 GMT 2002

Hi Brent,

Am Fre, 2002-11-15 um 09.32 schrieb Brent Emerson:
> (Sorry if this has already been suggested/discussed - couldn't find it in
> the archives.)
> I'm wondering how difficult it would be to add yet another Spam Action to
> MS allowing admins to forward (to an arbitrary address) copies of the
> messages identified as spam, but in their prescanned state (exactly as the
> message was received by MS) rather than with the MS/SA/etc markup.  This
> would be especially nice when using SpamAssassin, which can remove its
> markup but doesn't promise to return a message that's identical to the
> original.

In MailScanner version 4.x you can combine several actions, one of which
is forward. I can not tell you, if the forwarded message is untouched
concerning its X-MailScanner headers, but I don't think so. As message
has passed all MailScanner checks prior to the forwarding action, it
probably has the MailScanner additions to the header. I don't see a
problem to forward mails like these to razor.


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