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At 08:32 15/11/2002, you wrote:
>I'm wondering how difficult it would be to add yet another Spam Action to
>MS allowing admins to forward (to an arbitrary address) copies of the
>messages identified as spam, but in their prescanned state (exactly as the
>message was received by MS) rather than with the MS/SA/etc markup.  This
>would be especially nice when using SpamAssassin, which can remove its
>markup but doesn't promise to return a message that's identical to the

MailScanner doesn't uses SpamAssassin's own message markup code, it
strictly limits it to an obvious header. So if Razor really objects to
MailScanner-processed messages, you could easily remove this header from
the message automatically before it goes to Razor.

>This would be useful to stockpile messages that could be checked over by a
>human and, once verified as spam, submitted in their untouched state to
>systems like razor, which seem to be distrustful of submissions from
>automata.  Otherwise we could all go to the trouble of creating troll
>accounts and seeding them all over the place and hoping spammers will find
>them, but that seems like a lot of work for a slow gradual payoff--and we
>already have so many active accounts (our real users) getting so much
>spam.  I'd just love to get my hands on a mailbox full of untouched
>versions of the many messages MS/SA is identifying so accurately!
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