Chris Albert sysadmin at DMS.UMONTREAL.CA
Sun Nov 10 15:32:19 GMT 2002

Julian Field wrote:

> At 22:24 09/11/2002, you wrote:
>> I've recently installed version 4 from a tarball on a Solaris U10,
>> and I just wanted to point out that
>> 1. The script Sophos.install uses linux names for
>> the compressed tarball and tarball variables.
> I should probably just put in Linux and non-Linux versions of it. I'll
> take
> a look.
>> 2. Given the changes in the filesytem hierarchy
>> under the quarantine directory and the new naming
>> convention for spam files saved there, the script df2mbox
>> no longer works correctly.
> Please try the attached one and let me know if it works okay or not. None
> of my servers here quarantine spam (for legal reasons).

Well the directory part seems right, but since I moved to v4
all the messages under spam begin with gA... .
If I replace all occurances of qf with gA and change
the occurance of df$id to cat gA$id, the script seems to work, except
the output file is not readable by mutt -f in the same way as before.
However if I look at the file with less, it seems correct; though I
dont exactly understand why you eliminate the S from Subject, for


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