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>I've recently installed version 4 from a tarball on a Solaris U10,
>and I just wanted to point out that
>1. The script Sophos.install uses linux names for
>the compressed tarball and tarball variables.

I should probably just put in Linux and non-Linux versions of it. I'll take
a look.

>2. Given the changes in the filesytem hierarchy
>under the quarantine directory and the new naming
>convention for spam files saved there, the script df2mbox
>no longer works correctly.

Please try the attached one and let me know if it works okay or not. None
of my servers here quarantine spam (for legal reasons).

>I saw on the mailing list that Julian had considered including
>df2mbox in the distribution. I personnaly have found this little
>tool quite useful if you save high ranked spam to make periodic
>checks, especially after SA upgrades, or to show users that
>you have only quarantined junk.


>In fact, other contibutors have put other scripts up on the mailing
>list that have been useful too (e.g.Peter Peters) , and I think it
>would be nice if the  'contributed tools' portion of the website
>contained some of these tools as well.

Good idea. What would people like to see in it? And where can I get the
latest versions of the contributed scripts?

>I realize these are trivial issues , but I get the impression
>that the designers of this tool are perfectionists.

Me, perfectionist, never :-)

>As for version 4, even in my little shop, there is a noticeable increase
>in speed and memory efficiency. Bravo gentlemen.

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