Chris Albert sysadmin at DMS.UMONTREAL.CA
Sat Nov 9 22:24:51 GMT 2002


I've recently installed version 4 from a tarball on a Solaris U10,
and I just wanted to point out that

1. The script Sophos.install uses linux names for
the compressed tarball and tarball variables.

2. Given the changes in the filesytem hierarchy
under the quarantine directory and the new naming
convention for spam files saved there, the script df2mbox
no longer works correctly.

I saw on the mailing list that Julian had considered including
df2mbox in the distribution. I personnaly have found this little
tool quite useful if you save high ranked spam to make periodic
checks, especially after SA upgrades, or to show users that
you have only quarantined junk.

In fact, other contibutors have put other scripts up on the mailing
list that have been useful too (e.g.Peter Peters) , and I think it
would be nice if the  'contributed tools' portion of the website
contained some of these tools as well.

I realize these are trivial issues , but I get the impression
that the designers of this tool are perfectionists.

As for version 4, even in my little shop, there is a noticeable increase
in speed and memory efficiency. Bravo gentlemen.


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