MailScanner not virus scanning

Lush, Richard Richard.Lush at HP.COM
Fri Nov 8 12:49:43 GMT 2002

OK, the plot thickens.  It seems that it is running but the virus
engines are not picking up some older viruses (that's nice!).  Just sent
Nimda through and it picked it up but some old word viruses are not
being picked up. Interestingly enough, I scanned the older files that
are not being picked up with Norton on my client and it didn't detect
them either.  I guess MacAfee is going something extra checking.

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        Hi All, 

        I have Sophos and f-prot both configured within MailScanner.conf
but it would appear the virus scanners are not running.  I am not
getting any error messages they are just not running.  (i.e. no messages
showing the maillog, in fact I haven't seen anything since upgrading)
This sounds similar to a problem report earlier by someone else I think,
I am running Redhat 8.0 with MailScanner 4.05-3.  The wrappers run ok
(tested manually).

        The only change I have made is upgrade. (Julian, I upgraded
after you added the Sophos changes I tested to the rpm). 

        I've been sending some test viruses from VX Heavens, Mcafee is
picking them up on Exchange but MailScanner is not. 

        Any ideas? 


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