Fetchmail and MailScanner question

Roland Ehle novirus at CARLO65.DE
Fri Nov 8 11:41:15 GMT 2002

Hi Richard,

Am Fre, 2002-11-08 um 10.33 schrieb Lush, Richard:
> Hi All,
> I'm using fetchmail to collect emails from my ISPs and then MailScanner
> to scan them and send them on to my exchange server.  The question I
> have is on the IP headers.
> You can see here the information I am getting on the spam messages.  I'm
> getting and in brackets the real domain name of the sender.

afaik there is no solution for this. When you use fetchmail, the sender
is always localhost. Eplanation: fetchmail picks up the mail and sends
it via smtp to the local recipient. But, concerning Dave Whiles MRTG
script, I have a proposal: in my eyes it seems to be better to have the
senders address instead of the sending SMTP-Server in the log and
access-list. I have customers, who forward their mails from their
free-mail accounts, such as yahoo, web.de, gmx, to their accounts on my
server. When I first used the script I had suddenly yahoo Mailservers on
my access list.


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