MRTG etc

Matthijs Althoff scouty at BROMBERG.DEMON.NL
Fri Nov 8 10:09:38 GMT 2002

On Mon, 4 Nov 2002 19:53:53 +0000, David While <David.While at UCE.AC.UK>

>Currently the virus analysis will only work for ClamAV and inoculan since I
>don't have access to any other scanners, however it is easy for me to add
>them in - all I need are some sample mail log file entries from the
>relevant scanners when they have detected a virus.

$ uvscan --version (mcafee)
Virus Scan for Linux v4.14.0
Scan engine v4.1.60 for Linux.
Virus data file v4232 created Nov 06 2002

OS          : RedHat 6.2
Sendmail    : 8.11.6/8.11.6
MailScanner : 3.24-1

Scanning for 62223 viruses, trojans and variants.
mailscanner[13551]: Scanning 1 messages, 70605 bytes
mailscanner[13551]: /g9NJdEl14740/wedding.imp.scr
            Found the W32/Bugbear at MM virus !!!
mailscanner[13551]: Detected Microsoft-specific exploits in g9NJdEl14740
mailscanner[13551]: Possible virus hidden in a screensaver (wedding.imp.scr)
mailscanner[13551]: Found 3 viruses in messages g9NJdEl14740
mailscanner[13551]: Scanned 1 messages, 70605 bytes in 4 seconds
mailscanner[13551]: Saved entire message to
mailscanner[13551]: Deleted infected messages g9NJdEl14740
sendmail[14747]: g9NJdPR14747: from=virus-admin at,
                  size=1779, class=0, nrcpts=1, msgi
mailscanner[13551]: Notified virus-admin at
                    about 1 infections

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