Hardware Woes

Gavin Nelmes-Crocker gavin at NETERGY.COM
Wed Nov 6 21:58:46 GMT 2002

ok this hardware list is getting longer by the minute :-)

Ok I'm committing a 1U 700Mhz 20Gb 128Mb unit to the cause - does anyone
have a DHL or similar account who would like to donate shipping we're only
talking about ?15 as I'm based in the UK, otherwise I will drop it in but it
may take me some time to be in Southampton again (before Christmas is the
best at the moment)

The unit runs redhat but will need to be wiped as I don't have the password
anymore, the box has only been set-up and not used (previous company I
worked for went belly up)

As for the Cobalt stuff I can probably lend something for a reasonable
period for testing sorry no LX50 or RaQ550 but I have some friends in
Southampton who customize a lot of RaQ550's so I will ask if they can help.
I used to work for Cobalt so maybe there are some strings to be pulled sadly
with Sun its not as easy as it was. In my Cobalt days I would have been
driving down with one of each of our products in sponsorship sadly Sun don't
always view it like that.

That's the best I can do at the moment - Mailscanner is awesome and I have
to say Julian is one of the hardest working maintainer/programmers I've
dealt with recently.



ps the box is boxed and ready to ship if anyone is quick with courier
details!!!!!! don't be shy.

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At 21:07 06/11/2002, you wrote:
>Julian Field wrote:
> > At 20:03 06/11/2002, you wrote:
> > >I'll let Julian tell us what his needs/requirements are :)
> >
> > My ideal list is this at the moment:
> >
> > PC to run SuSE / Ensim / RedHat
> > Cobalt raq
> > Cobalt cube (or is it qube these days)
> > and a Sun workgroup server for various Solaris versions.
> >
>All 240V / 50 Hz or auto-switching, I assume.

Yes please. Fortunately PC power supplies are cheap.

>Julian, have you looked at the Sun Cobalt RaQ Hotel?
>(You may have to register first at:
>I haven't used it.  Apparently they have the Qube 3, but not the RaQ
>XTR or 550.

That looks like a possibility for testing builds. Unfortunately I can't
guarantee being able to spend lots of hours at some specific dates, so this
would be less suitable for development use. Occasionally my real job gets
in the way :-) The other development docs there definitely look very useful

And as I didn't know they existed, a Sun LX50 would be very handy too.
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