Hardware Woes

Roland Ehle novirus at CARLO65.DE
Wed Nov 6 22:40:02 GMT 2002

Hi Gavin,

Am Mit, 2002-11-06 um 22.58 schrieb Gavin Nelmes-Crocker:
> ok this hardware list is getting longer by the minute :-)
> Ok I'm committing a 1U 700Mhz 20Gb 128Mb unit to the cause - does anyone
> have a DHL or similar account who would like to donate shipping we're only
> talking about ?15 as I'm based in the UK, otherwise I will drop it in but it
> may take me some time to be in Southampton again (before Christmas is the
> best at the moment)

I do not have a DHL account, but I think, I can call the german branch
of DHL and have them picking up the box at your address to deliver it to
Julian. Let me just sort this out tomorrow morning. Otherwhise I will
sent you the money.


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