Clam AV - Beware

Gavin Nelmes-Crocker gavin at NETERGY.COM
Wed Nov 6 17:42:36 GMT 2002

the version I'm using is the latest version 0.53 I only installed the other
day to see what it was like.

the best site I have found for virii to use in testing is I have been using Melissa a lot as its nice and old
and therefore should be picked up by everything - that's what disappointed
me when ClamAV missed it but i am happy to be corrected - I'm not on any of
the clamav mailing lists so maybe you could test as well and bring it up
there if you have the same findings.



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Hi Mr. Gavin Nelmes,

What version of clamAV are you using?
Perhaps this security bug has been corrected on the latest version (0.53 ).
If I can be of any assistance in testing this software, I'll be glad to
help. I think the OpenSource comunity will certainly apreciate if clamAV
is promoted to a "supported" status.

BTW: Does anyone know of a website were I can download viruses as a test

Best regards,

Gavin Nelmes-Crocker wrote:

>I know its currently unsupported in code status by mailscanner and this
>doesn't technically alter that but beware if you are planning to use it on
>production box with no other scanners.
>My findings so far with regard to virus detecting is poor we have pushed
>several real virii through it and it hasn't detected them when
>and kaspersky all have and I'm not talking new ones here one of the ones we
>are playing with is Melissa which is 2 years old.  We have up to date virus
>definitions for Clamav and it is working as it detects its own test file
>not some of the others that I would expect it to.

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