Mail Relay to Lotus

Joel Colvin joelc at CTCHOUSTON.COM
Fri Nov 1 17:27:32 GMT 2002

If I understand correctly your request, I would do this with mailertable
in sendmail.  You can get sendmail to bypass DNS lookup and go to a
specific host for a domain.  For example, in mailertable:               smtp:[]

This would tell sendmail to ignore DNS and MX rules and send all mail to the specified host.

Now internal systems can use DNS to find the way to mail out which may
be completely different than the way in.  I use this for testing all the
time and don't have to mess with the cf file or dns to get my system to
route mail to specific hosts.  I also have clients that need to receive
mail over a specific VPN route and this is how I make sure that mail
goes out the proper link to the Internet.

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Here's my problem, mail comes into the company via a web-proxy running
the firewall, that will be proxy'ing to the "mailscanner" machine.  Call
it mail-gw.  My wish is it to scan the email and pass it on to the
server.  We run internal and external dns for this hostname, so how i
invisioned it is this.

externally mx is ip of the firewall with the proxy
internally mx is the ip of the domino server (5) and mail-gw (10)

The problem is this, using that setup, any internal systems that require
to email internally will try hitting the domino server.  Perfect you
think, wrong! the domino server (which isn't mine to administer) is
to only accept connections from the mail-gw ip.

Basically i'm trying to get rid of the mcafee scanner that currently
on a winbox and replace it, but i'm finding it difficult telling
mailscanner to scan and forward without relying on DNS.  I suppose i
run a seperate dns server on the mailgw and mx is only the domino
but i think that would be tremendous pain in the ass to have two
independent dns servers.

Any ideas.. at my old workplace i used amavis and just set DH in
config file to the destination for all mail.  Trying this with
basically got ignored ;)


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