Mail Relay to Lotus

Alex Short alex at IALEX.NET
Fri Nov 1 20:06:38 GMT 2002

Joel, you rock, this is exactly the cluepon i needed.


> If I understand correctly your request, I would do this with mailertable
> in sendmail.  You can get sendmail to bypass DNS lookup and go to a
> specific host for a domain.  For example, in mailertable:
>               smtp:[]
> This would tell sendmail to ignore DNS and MX rules and send all
> mail to the specified host.
> Now internal systems can use DNS to find the way to mail out which may
> be completely different than the way in.  I use this for testing all the
> time and don't have to mess with the cf file or dns to get my system to
> route mail to specific hosts.  I also have clients that need to receive
> mail over a specific VPN route and this is how I make sure that mail
> goes out the proper link to the Internet.
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> Subject: Mail Relay to Lotus
> Here's my problem, mail comes into the company via a web-proxy running
> on
> the firewall, that will be proxy'ing to the "mailscanner" machine.  Call
> it mail-gw.  My wish is it to scan the email and pass it on to the
> domino
> server.  We run internal and external dns for this hostname, so how i
> had
> invisioned it is this.
> externally mx is ip of the firewall with the proxy
> internally mx is the ip of the domino server (5) and mail-gw (10)
> The problem is this, using that setup, any internal systems that require
> to email internally will try hitting the domino server.  Perfect you
> think, wrong! the domino server (which isn't mine to administer) is
> setup
> to only accept connections from the mail-gw ip.
> Basically i'm trying to get rid of the mcafee scanner that currently
> sits
> on a winbox and replace it, but i'm finding it difficult telling
> mailscanner to scan and forward without relying on DNS.  I suppose i
> could
> run a seperate dns server on the mailgw and mx is only the domino
> server,
> but i think that would be tremendous pain in the ass to have two
> independent dns servers.
> Any ideas.. at my old workplace i used amavis and just set DH in
> sendmail
> config file to the destination for all mail.  Trying this with
> MailScanner
> basically got ignored ;)
> Alex

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