Richard van Drimmelen richard at SARA.NL
Fri Nov 1 07:55:20 GMT 2002

Dear mailscanner owner,

I subscribed at jiscmail, but when I want to subscribe to the 
mailscanner list, I can't see it when clicking on 'Show all lists' and 
'Submit'. I see that there are 50 lists available, but no 'mailscanner' 
I seem to misunderstand something......

L-Soft list server at JISCMAIL (1.8e) wrote:
> You  are  not  authorized to  send  mail  to  the  MAILSCANNER list  from  your
> richard at SARA.NL  account. You  might be  authorized to  send to  the list  from
> another of  your accounts,  or perhaps  when using  another mail  program which
> generates slightly  different addresses, but  LISTSERV has no way  to associate
> this other account or address with yours. If you need assistance or if you have
> any question regarding  the policy of the MAILSCANNER list,  please contact the
> list owners: MAILSCANNER-request at JISCMAIL.AC.UK.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject:
> incoming subdirectories
> From:
> Richard van Drimmelen <richard at>
> Date:
> Fri, 01 Nov 2002 08:48:17 +0100
> Running mailscanner v4-01-8 (on Solaris 8):
> In /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming, there are loads of subdirectories.
> All directories are numbers: the numbers of the processes that 
> mailscanner uses, or used.
> When mailscanner spawns a new child, the old proces dies, but the old 
> directries are not removed.
> Is this fixed in a newer version ?
> kind regardds,

Richard van Drimmelen   | email: richard at
System Services         | phone: +31 20 5928080
SARA Computing Services | fax:   +31 20 6683167

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