mailscanner 3.15-3 proc dies without error/warning - tied to mailman?

Julian Field jkf at
Tue May 21 13:56:02 IST 2002

If you run MailScanner with "Debug = 1" it will only do 1 pass of
and then stop.

As you are presumably normally running with "Debug = 0", check that the
"check_mailscanner" script works okay for you (it should print out the PID
if MailScanner is running, else it should start MailScanner up again).

Also, start MailScanner (using check_mailscanner) from the command line,
and leave that window open. You may get a Perl error message when it dies,
which for one reason or another may not be logged into syslogd.

Once you've got that error message out of it, I can investigate further.

What version of Perl are you using (perl -v).

Failing that, if you can give me login access to it (and the root pw) then
I will take a look for you.

At 13:16 21/05/2002, you wrote:
>I'm new to mailscanner, but an experienced linux admin - I put in a good 6
>hours with mailscanner yesterday, but couldn't solve my problem even after
>searching the list archives pretty extensively.  Here's the situation:
>I'm running RedHat 7.2 with all updates + most recent RPM of mailscanner
>(3.15-3) on sendmail (8.11.6-3) with the latest Sophos (3.57).  I also use
>the GNU MailMan listserv software to support a handfull of low-volume
>lists.  The box doesn't receive too much email - just the personal mail of
>a few users & the lists.
>After installing MailScanner (and Sophos using the MS install script), I
>fired it up & verified that I now had two independant sendmail procs going
>- one listening & the other -q15m.  I began tailing the maillog and
>started firing test emails.
>It worked great for a little while & then suddenly email stopped moving!
>The mail was just building up in the folder & was no longer
>being scanned or moved.   This all seems to happen when a message is
>received for the Mailman email list program & it attempts to send out the
>messages.  I strongly believe that something is going on with the mailman
>- mailscanner interaction that is causing the Perl script to die without
>I've posted an annotated log snippet on the web.  Please take a minute to
>look it over and let me know if you have any thoughts regarding my
>Ryan Dlugosz
>ryan at

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