Conf file question....

Philip L. Butler butler at GLOBESERVER.COM
Mon May 20 19:32:48 IST 2002

Hi all,

I am slowly absorbing all of the features that Julian has put into
MailScanner.  Great work Julian !!

One question that I have is when the mailscanner.conf file is read.
In other words, if I modify it, does MailScanner have to be restarted
in order for this to take effect ??

Another question - and I haven't spent any time looking yet - I have
seen the spam.whitelist.conf file. The question is - why have this
file if it could be put into the spam.actions.conf file with a
'deliver' action ??  In other words, would it be just as acceptable
to have the whitelist in the spam.actions.conf file with 'deliver' or
is there some reason why it should go in the spam.whitelist.conf ??

While my gears are turning - one more question - Is there any way to
specify what happens to a file in the filename.rules.conf file ??  In
other words, I can see a desire (but a need ??) to rename certain
extensions (rename .xls to .zzz) and put a message in to the
recipient stating that they file was renamed since it was possibly
bad.  A per-line action to rename, allow, delete attachment, etc
would be nice.

Sorry to put so much into one message...


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