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Julian Field jkf at
Mon May 20 19:45:38 IST 2002

At 19:32 20/05/2002, you wrote:
>I am slowly absorbing all of the features that Julian has put into
>MailScanner.  Great work Julian !!

Aw, shucks...

>One question that I have is when the mailscanner.conf file is read.
>In other words, if I modify it, does MailScanner have to be restarted
>in order for this to take effect ??

Yes. Find the pid by running check_mailscanner then kill it then
check_mailscanner again to restart it. Otherwise, wait for "Restart Every"
(look in the mailscanner.conf file) and it will pick up the config file
changes automatically as it restarts.

>Another question - and I haven't spent any time looking yet - I have
>seen the spam.whitelist.conf file. The question is - why have this
>file if it could be put into the spam.actions.conf file with a
>'deliver' action ??  In other words, would it be just as acceptable
>to have the whitelist in the spam.actions.conf file with 'deliver' or
>is there some reason why it should go in the spam.whitelist.conf ??

No reason at all. Just I implemented the simple mailscanner.conf-defined
spam action before I implemented the spam.actions.conf file and couldn't
see any reason to remove it.

>While my gears are turning - one more question - Is there any way to
>specify what happens to a file in the filename.rules.conf file ??  In
>other words, I can see a desire (but a need ??) to rename certain
>extensions (rename .xls to .zzz) and put a message in to the
>recipient stating that they file was renamed since it was possibly
>bad.  A per-line action to rename, allow, delete attachment, etc
>would be nice.

Not currently, but if enough people ask for it then I might implement it.
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