strange logs (defer)

Vincent Meoc vincent at DUKE-INTERACTIVE.COM
Fri May 17 11:42:08 IST 2002

Hello everybody,

I'm using mailscanner since few times. It seems great and have a lot of
very nice functionnality.
But (there is often a "but") I have strange logs some time about the
Routers/Director Defer in Exim. This line :

== root at my.domain D=defer_director defer (-1): forced defer:
All deliveries are deferred

appear some times. It appear every time when a mail is send from local to local but
also, some times, from remote to local. Mail are correctely delivered
but I would be happy to know exactly what happened.
If someone has an explanation I would greatly appreciate he share it
with me.

Sorry or my bad english. I'm in permanent formation :)

Vincent Meoc
Administrateur système et réseau

DUKE - Digital Age Agency
T : 01 53 44 19 00
F : 01 53 44 19 21
e-mail : vincent at

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