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Rabellino Sergio rabellino at DI.UNITO.IT
Fri May 17 08:42:49 IST 2002

Dear list,
  maybe this email is a bit out of list, but could be interesting.
I've installed SpamAssassin 2.20, joined with mailscanner. The installation phase was very simple, following the standard procedure for perl
packages (perl Makefile.pl;make; make install).
Then, after checking SpamAssassin with the internal tests suggested, I've activated SpamAssassin into mailscanner.
I've seen that many messages was tagged SPAM, with a score too high for the tests done, then I discover that the score list was not really
the genetic driven list, but some other strange list.
Only after inserting the score list found into the SA distribution in the preferences file, all the things gone right...

Hope this help, because SA is very useful...
Dott. Sergio Rabellino

 Technical Staff
 Department of Computer Science
 University of Torino (Italy)
 Member of the Internet Society

Tel. +39-0116706701
Fax. +39-011751603

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