I've been told to contact you ;)

Cathal Garvey mailscanner at cgarvey.com
Wed May 15 20:36:43 IST 2002

I've been using your MailScanner successfully until now I got the following
in my mail logs ..

May 15 20:02:57 www mailscanner[27354]: Either you've found a bug in
MailScanner's F-Prot output parser, or F-Prot's output format has changed!
F-Prot said this "/var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/UAA31532/msg-27354-7.txt
contains W32/Klez.H at mm (non-working)". Please mail the author of

f-prot v3.11b
mailscanner v3.11 (#   $Id: mailscanner,v 1.38 2002/02/15 09:34:34 jkf Exp

Now it has caught loads of Klex variants successfully in the last few weeks.
The message in question is (of course!) gone.

I just mailed you because my logs said to!!

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