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Julian Field jkf at
Mon Mar 25 20:00:20 GMT 2002

At 19:32 25/03/2002, you wrote:
>error: failed dependencies:
>gcc is needed by mailscanner-3.13-2
>unzip is needed by mailscanner-3.13-2
>The problem is that since I try to make the minimal installation posible, I
>left out a lot of things. I don't have problems with installing unzip, but
>what about gcc? I was trying to avoid having a compiler installed on a
>production server. Does anybody knows what is the gcc needed for? And so,
>could I just ignored it?

gcc is needed to install the MIME-tools Perl module, as the Base64 decoder
within it is written in C for speed.
You can always install it, then install MailScanner, then uninstall the
compiler again.
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