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James A. Pattie james at PCXPERIENCE.COM
Mon Mar 25 20:05:56 GMT 2002

Optionally, we could update the spec file to just require the perl
modules as rpms and then build and distribute the perl module rpms from
the spec files I provided last month.  This way you don't need gcc
installed.  The added benefits are that you aren't rebuilding the same
perl modules every time you upgrade mailscanner and you possibly aren't
overriding a newer version of the perl module with what is included in
the mailscanner package.

Julian Field wrote:
> At 19:32 25/03/2002, you wrote:
>> error: failed dependencies:
>> gcc is needed by mailscanner-3.13-2
>> unzip is needed by mailscanner-3.13-2
>> _________________________________________
>> The problem is that since I try to make the minimal installation
>> posible, I
>> left out a lot of things. I don't have problems with installing unzip,
>> but
>> what about gcc? I was trying to avoid having a compiler installed on a
>> production server. Does anybody knows what is the gcc needed for? And so,
>> could I just ignored it?
> gcc is needed to install the MIME-tools Perl module, as the Base64 decoder
> within it is written in C for speed.
> You can always install it, then install MailScanner, then uninstall the
> compiler again.
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