spamassassin not called on Debian?

Mike Zanker mike at ZANKER.ORG
Sun Mar 24 07:43:50 GMT 2002

On 24 March 2002 00:06 -0500 Kurt Yoder <kylist at SHCORP.COM> wrote:

> Mailscanner doesn't appear to be using spamassassin, even though I've
> got the file set with option "Use SpamAssassin = yes".
> I sent myself a redirected spam, but it wasn't caught. I'm not even
> seeing the X-header "X-MailScanner-SpamCheck:". Mails from the
> internet (ie, they aren't in the whitelist) don't show this X-header
> either...

Are you sure that you haven't got your network or e-mail address in the
network or e-mail address whitelist? That would prevent spams that you
forward to yourself being processed. This caught me out when I was

Also, the X-header is only added to e-mails that are found to be spam.


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