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Sun Jun 30 16:57:22 IST 2002

At 15:20 30/06/2002, you wrote:
> > The only Amavis-related help we can give you here is to advise you to dump
> > it and start using mailscanner... ;)
>LOL  Oh man do I feel like a moron!!  :)
>I have been fighting and fighting with mailscanner and I've never been
>able to get it to send mail out of the queue.

What is so hard about it? I would like to know where it or the docs need

>   Which is why I'm trying
>amavis (and I'm not very happy with it at all, the docs are horrible and
>their list is total dead).
>The problem I'm having with mailscanner is it spits out an error message
>to the terminal that says to *PLEASE* go read the codestatus.shtml page,
>something about logger.pl line 64, then it exits out.

To quote the error message:
"FATAL: *Please go and READ*

Have you actually read that web page? Seems fairly clear to me (but then
again it would, I wrote it).
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