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Mike Klinkert michael at NOMENNESCIO.NET
Sun Jun 30 10:21:17 IST 2002

  Hi again,

I've got another question. It's something that's not changed recently,
it's been like this since I've start using MailScanner (couple of
months). When an e-mail is sent with a double extension for instance,
the recipient receives a message with all the correct data (Sender,
Recipient, Subject, etc.). However, when a virus has been detected, the
message that is sent to the recipient (as well as the local postmaster),
does not contain all the correct data:

The following e-mail messages were found to have viruses in them:

MessageID: opt
   Report: /opt/MailScanner-3.20-6/var/incoming/g5PHvNM14712/msg-3653-71.html        Found application Exploit-MIME.gen.b.
/opt/MailScanner-3.20-6/var/incoming/g5PHvNM14712/LANGSPEELPLATEN        Found the W32/Yaha.g at MM virus !!!

Email Virus Scanner

As you can see, the Sender, Recipient and Subject are all empty and the
MessageID is *always* "opt". When I look in
/opt/MailScanner/var/quarantine/<DATE>, I also notice a directory "opt",
as well as a directory which contains the viruses.

I'm using mcafee (installed in /opt/mcafee, I change the mcafeewrapper
script accordingly), for more details see a previous message to with I
attached the mailscanner.conf.linux.

BTW, the above report is an older message, since I now use


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