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Julian Field mailscanner at
Sun Jun 30 14:55:34 IST 2002

Are you using some old version of the mcafeewrapper by mistake? Check for
an mcafeewrapper.rpmnew file, just in case. Also the new wrapper is
designed to be put in "uvscan" and not "mcafee".

Hang on, is your "incoming" directory specified in mailscanner.conf exactly
the same as the directory it really is? If you have some soft-links in the
path, you'll probably run into trouble. From your output below, your
incoming directory should be defined as
         Incoming Work Dir  = /opt/MailScanner-3.20-6/var/incoming

At 10:21 30/06/2002, you wrote:
>  Hi again,
>I've got another question. It's something that's not changed recently,
>it's been like this since I've start using MailScanner (couple of
>months). When an e-mail is sent with a double extension for instance,
>the recipient receives a message with all the correct data (Sender,
>Recipient, Subject, etc.). However, when a virus has been detected, the
>message that is sent to the recipient (as well as the local postmaster),
>does not contain all the correct data:
>The following e-mail messages were found to have viruses in them:
>   Sender:
>  Subject:
>MessageID: opt
>   Report:
> /opt/MailScanner-3.20-6/var/incoming/g5PHvNM14712/msg-3653-71.html
> Found application Exploit-MIME.gen.b.
>Found the W32/Yaha.g at MM virus !!!
>Email Virus Scanner
>As you can see, the Sender, Recipient and Subject are all empty and the
>MessageID is *always* "opt". When I look in
>/opt/MailScanner/var/quarantine/<DATE>, I also notice a directory "opt",
>as well as a directory which contains the viruses.
>I'm using mcafee (installed in /opt/mcafee, I change the mcafeewrapper
>script accordingly), for more details see a previous message to with I
>attached the mailscanner.conf.linux.
>BTW, the above report is an older message, since I now use

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