Bill Omer bill at DISTMIRR.COM
Sun Jun 30 15:20:45 IST 2002

> The only Amavis-related help we can give you here is to advise you to dump
> it and start using mailscanner... ;)

LOL  Oh man do I feel like a moron!!  :)

I have been fighting and fighting with mailscanner and I've never been
able to get it to send mail out of the queue.  Which is why I'm trying
amavis (and I'm not very happy with it at all, the docs are horrible and
their list is total dead).

The problem I'm having with mailscanner is it spits out an error message
to the terminal that says to *PLEASE* go read the codestatus.shtml page,
something about logger.pl line 64, then it exits out.  I'm trying to use
Kaspersky, I have sweep = /opt/MailScanner/kaspersky/kasperskywrapper, I
have also tried to point it directly to the kaspersky scanner, no

Any advice?

Again, sorry about the late night mindless post  :)

Bill Omer

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