Nick Phillips nwp at LEMON-COMPUTING.COM
Sun Jun 30 09:03:52 IST 2002

On Sun, Jun 30, 2002 at 01:43:24AM -0500, Bill Omer wrote:
> I keep seeing this error in my logs.  I'm not sure what this could be or
> how I can get around it.  None of my mail is being delivered at all.
> I'm running the latest version of the amavis (new-20020630), Razor 2.12,
> Kaspersky 3.0 and sendmail 8.12.4.

Um, very amusing and all, but:

a) You've not given us the error message, beyond saying that it was something
to do with EX_TEMPFAIL;
b) This is the *mailscanner* mailing list. Not Amavis.

The only Amavis-related help we can give you here is to advise you to dump
it and start using mailscanner... ;)



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