Proper way to handle misidentified spamsite-wide?

John Goggan jgoggan at DCG.COM
Wed Jun 26 18:00:08 IST 2002

Julian Field wrote:
> Enable the SA auto-whitelisting in mailscanner.conf, and enable
> Compile SpamAssassin Once = yes as well.

Yes, already doing that.  Thanks though.

> Then use the "spamassassin" script supplied with SA to do a
> "spamassassin -W" command on a sample of each message so the "From:"
> addresses get added to the SA auto-whitelist.

I guess my concern is more in the future.  As I said, right now I am just
changing the subject lines -- but I plan to actually switch to "delete" action
later to get rid of the spam.  What I am worried about is when a user signs up
for a mailing list that has not been through here yet (say he switches from
Office Depot's "specials" list, which is in the whitelist now to Staple's
"specials" list two weeks from now).  This new list will look like spam
(significantly so -- about an 18 rating).  Therefore, he'll never see it,
right?  And therefore, not have the opportunity to add it to the whitelist.

Is using the "delete" action just plain a bad idea?  Or can I still do it that
way and somehow handle such situations?  Maybe instead of delete I could dump
all of the emails system-wide that are marked as spam into a catchall that
someone manually checks now and then (and then whitelists things like Staple's
"specials" mailing list)?

Or is there a better way to do it?

Do most people running site-wide simply not use the delete action and always
just deliver and modify the subject lines to allow the end-user to do the
filtering at their client?


 - John...

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