Proper way to handle misidentified spamsite-wide?

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Wed Jun 26 18:05:49 IST 2002

At 18:00 26/06/2002, you wrote:
>I guess my concern is more in the future.  As I said, right now I am just
>changing the subject lines -- but I plan to actually switch to "delete" action
>later to get rid of the spam.  What I am worried about is when a user signs up
>for a mailing list that has not been through here yet (say he switches from
>Office Depot's "specials" list, which is in the whitelist now to Staple's
>"specials" list two weeks from now).  This new list will look like spam
>(significantly so -- about an 18 rating).  Therefore, he'll never see it,
>right?  And therefore, not have the opportunity to add it to the whitelist.

In which case, don't delete it.

>Is using the "delete" action just plain a bad idea?  Or can I still do it that
>way and somehow handle such situations?  Maybe instead of delete I could dump
>all of the emails system-wide that are marked as spam into a catchall that
>someone manually checks now and then (and then whitelists things like Staple's
>"specials" mailing list)?

That's what the Spam Action "store" is for.
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