Proper way to handle misidentified spam site-wide?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Jun 26 16:29:33 IST 2002

Enable the SA auto-whitelisting in mailscanner.conf, and enable Compile
SpamAssassin Once = yes as well.
Then use the "spamassassin" script supplied with SA to do a "spamassassin
-W" command on a sample of each message so the "From:" addresses get added
to the SA auto-whitelist.

Read the SA docs for the "spamassassin" script, and the SA top-level README
for its short discussion of auto-whitelisting.

At 15:45 26/06/2002, you wrote:
>I've just started using MailScanner and SpamAssassin this week.  I am using it
>site-wide -- trying to reduce spam for all of our users (just a handful
>actually).  For now, I am just having the subject lines modified.  In the
>future, I want to be confident enough about the spam detection to actually
>just delete them when the rating is high enough.
>I guess I am confused about the "proper" way to handle currently misidentified
>spam.  I want to correct this while I am in the "subject modified only" stage
>-- before I start just deleting it, of course.  As an example, several of the
>users subscribe to OfficeDepot's "specials" mailings.  These score something
>around an 18 -- so it is definitely marked as spam (and the rules are fairly
>accurate, so it isn't anything I'd want to adjust).
>So -- what is the proper way to handle this?  Do I have each user do something
>and mark/whitelist their own?  Should I add a whitelist_from entry to the main
>config for SpamAssassin to ignore the officedepot mailings?  Or is there
>something that I'm missing...
>I'm just worried that it will come up more and more as people join such
>"specials" mailing lists since they look so much like spam sometimes.  I just
>want to know how to handle them.  Especially since when I switch to "delete",
>they wouldn't even SEE the emails to be able to whitelist them, right?
>Maybe this is what the AWL stuff should handle?  If so, can someone more fully
>explains how this works?  I really couldn't find much about it in the docs or
>  - John...

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