[SAtalk] Proper way to handle misidentified spam site-wide?

John Goggan jgoggan at dcg.com
Wed Jun 26 15:45:34 IST 2002

I've just started using MailScanner and SpamAssassin this week.  I am using it
site-wide -- trying to reduce spam for all of our users (just a handful
actually).  For now, I am just having the subject lines modified.  In the
future, I want to be confident enough about the spam detection to actually
just delete them when the rating is high enough.

I guess I am confused about the "proper" way to handle currently misidentified
spam.  I want to correct this while I am in the "subject modified only" stage
-- before I start just deleting it, of course.  As an example, several of the
users subscribe to OfficeDepot's "specials" mailings.  These score something
around an 18 -- so it is definitely marked as spam (and the rules are fairly
accurate, so it isn't anything I'd want to adjust).

So -- what is the proper way to handle this?  Do I have each user do something
and mark/whitelist their own?  Should I add a whitelist_from entry to the main
config for SpamAssassin to ignore the officedepot mailings?  Or is there
something that I'm missing...

I'm just worried that it will come up more and more as people join such
"specials" mailing lists since they look so much like spam sometimes.  I just
want to know how to handle them.  Especially since when I switch to "delete",
they wouldn't even SEE the emails to be able to whitelist them, right?

Maybe this is what the AWL stuff should handle?  If so, can someone more fully
explains how this works?  I really couldn't find much about it in the docs or

 - John...

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