Displaying values of hit rules in header?

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Jun 26 16:31:07 IST 2002

As you are just wanting to find out the info for a handful of messages, why
not use something like
         spamassassin -t < sample-message.txt
as described in the SpamAssassin docs?
That will give you the full report for the sample-message.txt file you give it.

At 16:17 26/06/2002, you wrote:
>"Rose, Bobby" wrote:
> >
> > What would be the benefit of this other than info to look?
>Because right now, being the first few days of running it, I am trying to
>track down why some messages are marked as spam when they shouldn't be.
>Therefore, not having to reference the 15 rules that got hit just to see their
>values (especially since some seem worthless at "0.053" and other such
>insignificant values).
>Yes, it is "just to look" -- but for a very good purpose.
> > Features should be such that performs a function.
>It does.  It helps me know why THIS particular email made it to the "spam"
>level.  And helps me know if I might need to adjust some rule values because I
>disagree with the defaults.
> > I can't see a user writing a filter rule that says check the header
> > for CLICK_BELOW (1.531), and delete.
>This isn't for filtering at the end-user side.  This is so when I switch from
>"deliver with modified subject" to "delete", things will work as planned.
> > If people want the scores then go to the SA page and look at
> > the tests and their scores instead of adding the extra overhead per
> > each message?
>The header is ALREADY being added -- along with each rule name.  It can't be
>THAT much more overhead to list a number along with it.  It isn't like it
>would be a complex lookup or anything.
>It isn't a big deal -- I'll add it myself -- I just thought I'd ask first to
>make sure it wasn't already built into some debugging option.
> > With all the Spam message rewrite requests, Mailscanner is going to
> > be doing spamd's job.
>Again, the header with the rules is already included.  It would simply be also
>displaying the values of the rules to avoid having to continuously look them
>  - John...

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