Displaying values of hit rules in header?

John Goggan jgoggan at DCG.COM
Wed Jun 26 18:02:51 IST 2002

Julian Field wrote:
> As you are just wanting to find out the info for a handful of
> messages, why not use something like
>          spamassassin -t < sample-message.txt
> as described in the SpamAssassin docs?
> That will give you the full report for the sample-message.txt file
> you give it.

Mainly because the messages have already made it to not-so-knowledgeable
end-users at that point.  They aren't that great at forwarding things with
full headers so that I can more fully analyze them later.  Plus, they are all
using Outlook -- which makes both forwarding or bouncing with full headers
almost impossible -- and what they can forward to me tends to mangle things
enough that it doesn't matter any more.

I simply wanted to be able to walk up to their machines, take a quick look at
the email that got marked as spam, and be able to see what the main "heavy"
rules were.

Again, no biggie, was just asking if it happened to be in there already...

 - John...

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