Displaying values of hit rules in header?

John Goggan jgoggan at DCG.COM
Wed Jun 26 16:17:48 IST 2002

"Rose, Bobby" wrote:
> What would be the benefit of this other than info to look?

Because right now, being the first few days of running it, I am trying to
track down why some messages are marked as spam when they shouldn't be.
Therefore, not having to reference the 15 rules that got hit just to see their
values (especially since some seem worthless at "0.053" and other such
insignificant values).

Yes, it is "just to look" -- but for a very good purpose.

> Features should be such that performs a function.

It does.  It helps me know why THIS particular email made it to the "spam"
level.  And helps me know if I might need to adjust some rule values because I
disagree with the defaults.

> I can't see a user writing a filter rule that says check the header
> for CLICK_BELOW (1.531), and delete.

This isn't for filtering at the end-user side.  This is so when I switch from
"deliver with modified subject" to "delete", things will work as planned.

> If people want the scores then go to the SA page and look at
> the tests and their scores instead of adding the extra overhead per
> each message?

The header is ALREADY being added -- along with each rule name.  It can't be
THAT much more overhead to list a number along with it.  It isn't like it
would be a complex lookup or anything.

It isn't a big deal -- I'll add it myself -- I just thought I'd ask first to
make sure it wasn't already built into some debugging option.

> With all the Spam message rewrite requests, Mailscanner is going to
> be doing spamd's job.

Again, the header with the rules is already included.  It would simply be also
displaying the values of the rules to avoid having to continuously look them

 - John...

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