and chrooted virtual webs

McDonald, Arturo amcdonal at HARRIS.COM
Wed Jun 26 15:42:31 IST 2002


We are trying to get mailscanner working on a linux box that is running virtual
web sites in a chrooted configuration.  The problem is the system has multiple
directories that can be defined as (/var/spool/    Is there a way to
have mailscanner monitor more than one queue directory... For example we need to
monitor the following directories:


Basically the reason for this is email sent from a user of a virtual site is
handled by sendmail in a chrooted environment where the root dir is really
/home/virtual/siteXXX.   Obviously all mail dumped there is never getting

So I am trying to find an elegant solution but wondered what the app can

1. Is it possible to have mailscanner scan multiple inbound directories?  If not
can mailscanner handle a wildcarded path for the Incoming Queue Dir?

2.  Or is it possible to run multiple copies of mailscanner with each process
responsible for watching the queue for its web site?

3.  Currently the solution I'm building is to have a cron of some sort that will
move any files placed in the virtual directories and moving them to
the /var/spool/   Will there be a problem doing this?  Ie, what if the
cron is in the middle of the moving of the files and the mailscanner tries to
process them at the same time?  Is this preventable?

Thanks in advance for your support!

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