Differing Spam Actions for different thresholds?

Rose, Bobby brose at MED.WAYNE.EDU
Wed Jun 26 15:35:47 IST 2002

I had suggested something along these lines awhile back but it didn't
happen so I just added it myself. It's a global threshold since it just
doesn't make sense to do it for each entry in the spam.action file
because of performance concerns if that list is big.  I added an option
to mailscanner.conf where I can change the value, then changed config.pl
to read it in, then added the extra condition to the HandleSpam routine
in explode.pl. So if a score is 10 or more and there is a spam.action
for that message such as delete or quaranteen then the action occurs.
This was mostly just for a delete threshold.

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From: John Goggan [mailto:jgoggan at DCG.COM] 
Sent: Wednesday, June 26, 2002 8:32 AM
Subject: Differing Spam Actions for different thresholds?

I've just recently started using MailScanner.  Almost immediately, I see
a feature that seems it would be very useful, but that I do not see a
way to use at this point.  Hopefully someone can tell me if this is

Basically, I would like different Spam Actions based on the
required_hits threshold.  I run MailScanner (with SpamAssassin) on a
site-wide basis.  I've found that I'm getting too many "borderline"
messages that get marked as spam that are not -- and "whitelisting" all
of them I don't see as a good solution here.

What I'd really like to do is set a required_hits threshold at some
number (say 10) and have all messages over that have "Spam Action =
delete".  Then I'd like to have a lower threshold (say required_hits =
6) and have all of THOSE messages have "Spam Action = deliver" (along
with the subject line modification, of course).

That way, most of the obvious spam would get deleted.  And the "not
absolutely sure" stuff would go to the normal user but be marked as
possible spam.  If it happens to work accurately for them, then they can
do the final filtering themselves on those messages -- but still never
have to see the junk that is obviously spam.

Can that be done already?  If not, any chance of it being implemented

Worst case, maybe I could somehow configure two instances of
MailScanner?  The first one would have a higher required_hits and delete
the messages -- then it runs through a second time with a different
config (with the lower
required_hits) and just marks those ones?  Just a thought I had in case
there isn't a way yet to do it with one config.


 - John...

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