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Michael Chaney mdchaney at MICHAELCHANEY.COM
Mon Jun 17 16:37:34 IST 2002

On Mon, Jun 17, 2002 at 04:00:37PM +0100, Steve Freegard wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm trying to pursuade the IT director to get rid of our existing SMTP
> gateway (WinNT+MIMEsweeper for SMTP+Sophos) and to replace it with RedHat
> Linux, Sophos, MailScanner and SpamAssassin and there were a couple of
> things that I was wondering about MailScanner:
> 1) Is it possible to sign messages only were 'from' certain domains - e.g.
> to add a legal disclaimer to all messages from my internal domains but not
> to mail coming in from external sources??

I would highly recommend talking to your legal department/lawyer about
the actual validity of those "legal disclaimers".  While they look good,
they're likely to bring laughter from a judge were something to get that
far.  It's probably not worth the effort.

> 2) Has anyone managed to modify the supplied MRTG script to show the number
> of mails processed/virus/spam by hour as well as by day/month?

Should be trivial to do that just by using awk or Perl on the mail log.

Michael Darrin Chaney
mdchaney at

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