error with netscape6

Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy miguelk at KONSULTEX.COM.BR
Fri Jun 14 22:43:38 IST 2002

I noticed the same type of error since I switched to Netscape 6. With
Netscape 4.7x I never had this problem. What I do in these cases is
close Netscape and open it again and the problem goes away. Another
situation that causes this error (I'm not sure if it's the same messga,
though) is when I attach a file that is on a network drive, not on my
local machine. In those cases I first copy it over and then attach. I
attributed these problems to Netscape and/or WinXP (unfortunately my new
notebook came with it).

I'm hoping that Netscape 7 will solve this....


Asim Khan wrote:

>  ..My netscape6 seems to give errors like:
>   'An error occurred while sending mail.
>     The mail server responded :
>     Unexpected failure, please try later.
>     Please verify that your email address is correct
>     in your mail preferences and try again'
>   the only setting I've changed on my mail account in netscape6
>   is 'My Outgoing Server (SMTP):' - my local unix
>        box from '' - the mail mail server..
>    mancity is the host with mailscanner/exim running on it..
>   the screen freezes and no email is sent...?
>   BUT if I use /usr/lib/sendmail -v username at as root
>   the user recieves the email..?
>    ..Any suggestions would be much appreciated...?
>   Asim Khan
>   Unix System Administrator
>   Computing Services
>   St George's Hospital Medical School
>   Tel: 020 8725 5453

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