F-Prot Update Script Available

Tan Siew Wu siewwu.tan at EDGEMATRIX.COM
Wed Jun 12 19:29:26 IST 2002

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002 11:03:45 -0500, Lewis Bergman
<lbergman at ABI.TCONLINE.NET> wrote:

>> > For those that are using F-Prot but not checking the F-Prot website
>> > have been several updates to the program over that last few weeks.
>> > include changes to both the virus engine and the virus files.  Also,
>> > now provide a very nice update script that can be run as a cron job.
>> Have you given that script a shot? Is it working well for you? Did you
>> a different one before?
>> I looked at it briefly, it seemed more "complicated" than the previous
>> listed on here.
>It also doesn't work. I downloaded 3.12a and it had the script. It said all
>was updated successfully but when I ran the other one I had used previously
>it found a later macro def and installed it. So, even though it says it
>worked it did not. At least not on my Linux box.
I downloaded it few days ago and the shell script runs fine on a RedHat 7.2
system.  You may have to set your wget configuration correctly if you need
to go through a proxy server to do the ftp download.  I added the wget
option --proxy=on and set appropriate /etc/wgetrc settings.  Do note that
old version wget may not support ftp get through a http proxy server.

Also notice error when trying to run on a RedHat 6.0 system. The problem is
that the script uses some features that only exist in Bash version 2.
If your "bash -version" gives you version 1.xx then you will most likely
face problem with the script.  Some systems do have both bash and bash2
installed.  I notice one of my RedHat 6.2 has both version of bash i.e.
/bin/bash and /bin/bash2.

The basic functions of the script is to get a url response with the checksum
of the definition files and compare with the one on the system and if
checksum is different, download the new one to replace it.  The checksum
is down with the "checksum" program that comes with the package.

Siew Wu

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