F-Prot Update Script Available

Julian Field jkf at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Jun 12 19:40:23 IST 2002

I would also advise you to wrap it in a script which creates and locks the
file /tmp/FProtBusy.lock while the update is in progress. Otherwise your
system could be exposed while you replace the virus definitions.

At 19:29 12/06/2002, you wrote:
>On Wed, 12 Jun 2002 11:03:45 -0500, Lewis Bergman
><lbergman at ABI.TCONLINE.NET> wrote:
> >> > For those that are using F-Prot but not checking the F-Prot website
> >> > have been several updates to the program over that last few weeks.
> >> > include changes to both the virus engine and the virus files.  Also,
> >> > now provide a very nice update script that can be run as a cron job.
> >>
> >> Have you given that script a shot? Is it working well for you? Did you
> >> a different one before?
> >>
> >> I looked at it briefly, it seemed more "complicated" than the previous
> >> listed on here.
> >It also doesn't work. I downloaded 3.12a and it had the script. It said all
> >was updated successfully but when I ran the other one I had used previously
> >it found a later macro def and installed it. So, even though it says it
> >worked it did not. At least not on my Linux box.
> >
>I downloaded it few days ago and the shell script runs fine on a RedHat 7.2
>system.  You may have to set your wget configuration correctly if you need
>to go through a proxy server to do the ftp download.  I added the wget
>option --proxy=on and set appropriate /etc/wgetrc settings.  Do note that
>old version wget may not support ftp get through a http proxy server.
>Also notice error when trying to run on a RedHat 6.0 system. The problem is
>that the script uses some features that only exist in Bash version 2.
>If your "bash -version" gives you version 1.xx then you will most likely
>face problem with the script.  Some systems do have both bash and bash2
>installed.  I notice one of my RedHat 6.2 has both version of bash i.e.
>/bin/bash and /bin/bash2.
>The basic functions of the script is to get a url response with the checksum
>of the definition files and compare with the one on the system and if
>checksum is different, download the new one to replace it.  The checksum
>is down with the "checksum" program that comes with the package.
>Siew Wu

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