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Julian Field jkf at
Sun Jun 9 17:57:37 IST 2002

At 17:44 09/06/2002, you wrote:
>I've been trying the sophos auto-update script that comes with
>mailscanner. (Julian got me scared about locking sophos while updating).
>Everything seems to work, a new directory is made with a fresh set of ide
>files, but the symlink directing towards it seems to have problems and
>when I launch sweep after running the script it complains that it can't
>find the .dat file. What could be the cause?

What sort of a problem? You should end up with a symlink "ide" pointing to
a directory named
for example

And when it has run, don't run sweep, run "sophoswrapper" which sets up the
environment variables to point to the directory it has created (via the
"ide" symlink).
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