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McAfee likes to live in /usr/local/uvscan.  The McAfee "install-uvscan"
script puts it there be default...

# Default installation location

If you remember to override the default and have it install in
/usr/local/mcafee instead (where mailscanner expects it), then it works
just fine.  However, to avoid potential confusion for those installing
it the first time or for those that already installed mcafee in its
default location, it would be best for mailscanner to be consistent with
the mcafee default of /usr/local/uvscan.


Julian Field wrote:

> Is there a consensus that the mcafee wrapper and autoupdate scripts
> should
> be changed to use new locations?
> If so, what would you all like?
> I can always put some checking code in the RPM so that it spits a big
> warning if the old directory still exists, so you get told to move your
> copy of McAfee to the new location.
> Any suggestions welcome!
> Jules.
> At 20:47 31/05/2002, you wrote:
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>> El Vie 31 May 2002 12:54, escribiste:
>> > I have not bought a new version of mcafee in a while but the one I
>> > use installs by default into a directory named uvscan and puts the
>> > dat files in the same folder.  This has caused me problems several
>> > times with the rpm install of mailscanner, and I always have to
>> > remember to go fix the mcafeewrapper.
>> >
>> > I've thought about creating a source rpm for mailscanner that
>> > builds a more "truely" binary set of rpm's (as apposed to the
>> > script based rpm taht builds the perl modules and etc on install
>> > now) that just drop the files in the correct location and then
>> > tries to dynamically generate a more proper config however, I'm not
>> > sure if this would be of any use to anyone.  Or if this would be to
>> > specialized for one platform(and rejected on that basis)
>> >
>> > --robert
>> I have the same problem. I would appreciate a copy of the modified
>> mcafeewrapper script, if at all possible.
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