RBL checking

Matt Kaminer matt at kaminer.com
Thu Feb 28 16:43:11 GMT 2002


I think the question was:

What happens if the RBL check in mailscanner fails?  Does MailScanner still
call SpamAssassin?  or is the message "tagged and sent on?"

I assume that once a message is tagged as SPAM, no further checks are
performed.  So by setting the RBL flag on or off in SpamAssassin shouldnt
make a difference if MailScanner has already labeled the message as SPAM.


Julian Field said:
> At 16:35 28/02/2002, you wrote:
>>Julian, if Mailscanner does an RBL check does it still pass the message
>>off to SpamAssassin in which case it's checked again along with
>>content?  Or is it just tagged and send on?  Our queues got really
>>large last night and I've had to disable SA checking until they clear
>>out.  I was wondering if RBL checking was happening in both mailscanner
>>and sa on the same message.
> I have my SpamAssassin user_prefs file say
> skip_rbl_checks 1
> which fixes it.
>>Also what is mailcanner using for the reverse dns lookups if it doesn't
>>use net:dns module like SA does?  Just wondering if the SA guys could
>>use the same process and ditch net::dns.
> I just use gethostbyname(). Seems fast in some tests I've been doing
> this afternoon. I was thinking about starting to use Net::DNS (as it
> can do DNS lookups in background), but the time taken to do it with
> gethostbyname() just wasn't worth trying to optimise. The real delay
> was all the processing the SpamAssassin does, not the DNS lookups.
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