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> Hi,
> is there no way to exclude domains from being scanned
> as we host around 400-500 sites per server and instead of 
> including them all in the file it would be great if one could 
> exclude domain names from being scanned by just adding them to a file

There is an even stronger argument for reversing the logic of Scanning
by Domain and that is the security implications of inadvertently
allowing unscanned mail through without realising it.

This will arise if the Scanning by Domain option is in effect and the
Sys Admin forgets to add a domain (to be scanned) to the file.

The Scanning by Domain option should "fail safe". That is, it should
scan every domain *except* those you explicitly ask it not to scan.

Apart from cutting down the size of the file at sites where all but a
few domains are scanned, it would protect the negligent or forgetful Sys
Admin from himself!    :-) 

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