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Wed Feb 20 16:18:11 GMT 2002

Julian Field wrote:

> At 16:06 20/02/2002, you wrote:
>> I installed Mailscanner 3.11.1 and Command AntiVirus 4.62.4.  Everything
>> goes well.  Now it's time to test with SpamAssassin.  I am not running
>> spamd/spamc.  Mailscanner calls SpamAssassin, and adds {SPAM} on the
>> subject when spam e-mails are found.  Is there a  way to drop these
>> spam e-
>> mails rather than tag the {SPAM} and deliver to users?  Thanks for any
>> comment/suggestion.
> Basically, no.
> MailScanner doesn't just drop the spam as any automatic system sometimes
> gets it wrong, and deleting mail that users might want is a very fast way
> to annoy your users. So I just tag it, but still deliver it, leaving the
> user to decide what to do with it. It is then very easy for users to set up
> a filter in their email program that will, for example, move all the tagged
> mail into an "Auto-Spam" folder which they just need to briefly check once
> a week.
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Assuming your users can be bothered. We got lots of senior management
who can just cope with reading/sending mail never mind actually
configuriong their mail client do do 'fancy' stuff.

We take a central approach, any suspect spam hits the admin team who
decide whether to dump it or release it. Therefore we'd like this
feature as well, or at least the ability to redirect the stuff.

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